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ap+m supplies parts and services for many types of P&W aeroderivative gas turbines. Below are some of the more commonly used engine types.

Pratt & Whitney

Pratt and Whitney's (P&W) aeroderivative fleet includes the GG4/FT4, FT8. ST16 and other turbines, with applications including electrical power generation, offshore platform power, oil and gas transmission, industrial drives and marine propulsion. Collectively, P&W industrial turbines have accumulated hundreds of millions of service hours.


The GG4 ("Gas Generator" 4) or FT4 ("Free Turbine" 4) are related aeroderivative gas turbine engines developed from Pratt & Whitney’s J75/JT4. P&W’s first entry into the industrial aeroderivative market was the GG4/FT4, which was introduced in the 1960s with approximately 1,300 units in operation at its peak. The GG4 is a self-contained, self-regulating, remote operated, quick responding, peaking power generator. It is also used for propulsion in naval vessels and by water and gas pipelines to drive gas compressors. The typical output of a single engine ranges from 16 to 30 MW depending on conditions and configuration. Engines can be combined to work in conjunction with up to 8 other engines for more efficient power generation. They may also be operated as a combined cycle unit in combination with a condensate boiler in order to increase efficiency.


The FT8 is a twin spool gas turbine introduced in 1986, derived from one of the most successful jet engines in commercial aviation history, the JT8D. The FT8 generates 35,700 shaft horsepower and is commonly packaged in a twin engine configuration, “TwinPac”, which drives a single electrical generator. A TwinPac provides ~ 73,000 shaft horsepower and 55 Mw of electricity, with an efficiency of 37% at a heat rate of ~9214 (BTU/kW-hr). There are approximately 200 FT8’s installed or on order, with an installed base on more than five continents.


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