OUTAGE IN A BOX® See What's Inside


1. Ship
1. Ship

We ship you all of the nuts, bolts, seals, thermocouples and other consumable parts you need in a fully-stocked and secured conex before your outage begins.

2. Inventory
2. Inventory

During your plant’s downtime, select from the parts you need for your repairs and replacements from the on-site inventory.

3. Done
3. Done

Once your outage is complete, we'll coordinate the box pickup with you and then send an invoice for only the parts that you used.

Benefits of OUTAGE IN A BOX®


Save Time + Hassle

Eliminate the time spent calculating and sourcing consumable parts and the hassle of negotiating with countless vendors


Avoid Risk

Stop over- or under-purchasing consumables to minimize downtime by no longer waiting on additional parts to ship and to avoid wasting money on unused inventory


Easy Inventory

Quickly locate and mark off all parts needed with included computer and barcode scanner that tracks the location and quantity of parts used

No Restocking Fees!


What's Inside OUTAGE IN A BOX®?

Consumable Parts

The fully-stocked conex includes the following heavy-duty consumable parts, which can be completely customized to your site’s needs:

  • Lockplates
  • Studs, Bolts, Nuts + Washers
  • Inserts + Helicoils
  • Gaskets, Cloth + Rope Seals
  • Expansion Joints
  • Transition Piece Supports, Retainers + End Seals
  • Crossfire Tubes
  • Lock Wire
  • Tube Connectors + Unions
  • Air Seals
  • Bearing Liners + Oil Seals
  • Shims
  • Dowel Pins + Retention Keys

Inventory Station

A workstation is included with a computer with software and a barcode scanner that locates parts needed and the quantity used.

OUTAGE IN A BOX® Supports Outages For:

    • GE Frame 6B
    • GE Frame 7B
    • GE Frame 7E
    • GE Frame 7EA
    • GE Frame 7FA
    • GE Frame 7FA+e
  • CI, HGP or MAJOR Inspection Kits Available

“AP+M’s OUTAGE IN A BOX® was perhaps our wisest decision made during a recent hot gas path outage. The kit went beyond our expectations—from the orderly parts indexing, overall functionality and parts stocked as guaranteed. AP+M’s policy of paying only for what you use without any restocking fees is above the industry standard.”
- O&M Manager, Santa Rosa Energy Center

Unscheduled Outage?

Give us a call. We may be able to support your outage needs with our inventory on-hand.